Japan Cultural Expo


Team Eurika ..WCSPH 2015 Representatives

Team Eurika ..WCSPH 2015 Representatives


The passion, enthusiasm and the inspiration brought by fans lead to the growth of cosplay community and Japanese traditional and pop culture in many places in the Philippines. This is one of the reasons why events like the Japan Cultural Expo or JCE has come into existence.

Japan Cultural Expo will highlight both traditional and Pop culture of Japan. This event is congruent to the Japan-Philippine friendship month which is on July. This event aims to (1)feature different Japanese companies and organizations in the Philippines; (2)Create a social atmosphere that will promote national economic growth and cultural exchange; and (3)Foster friendship between Philippines and Japan. “Experience a glimpse of Japan” will allow congoers a feel of a Matsuri(festival) vibe and will encourage inter-active activities thru the participating booth exhibits.

This may be a City-Wide celebration for the Phil-Japan Friendship month. Both SM Lanang Premier and SM Ecoland will each share the same concept but will differ in theme. SM Lanang Premier will focus more on the “Beauty and serene side of Japan” while SM City Ecoland will have the festive and Inter-active feel thru Matsuri theme combined with Pop culture and will also be the venue for the WCS National Preliminaries.

Davao is one of the cities in the Philippines that has established Japanese community and organization. Japan Cultural Expo intends to invite these organizations to highlight their organizations and objectives. They will also be mostly in-charge with the traditional culture side. Congoers may be able to try Japanese foods and other try outs and demos present in the event such as Kendo, Karate, Yukata and many more. Face painting using Henna tattoo will also be available in Kabuki and Anime theme.

Meanwhile, in the Japanese Pop Culture side, there are several groups and clubs in Davao City that promotes hobbies related to Japanese Pop Culture. The objectives of this segment are (1) to gather different fans from different fandoms; (2) to provide different fandoms to a venue of social interaction; and (3) to establish a congenial community of animé, manga, games and ICT enthusiasts.

The event is also for individuals or small groups, clubs or organizations related to different hobbies to participate in the event in order to present their organization through a creative booth set-up and discussion panels. This activity will give clubs or organizations the chance to gain public recognition, recruit new members and inform people about their hobbies and interest.

JCE will also hold the National Preliminaries of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines. Participants from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions will then compete in the National Preliminaries where one team will be chosen to represent Philippines in the most prestigious cosplay event in Aichi, Nagoya, Japan – the World Cosplay Summit (WCS). WCS aims to create a new sense of international friendship with cosplayers from all over the world. Not only that, the event will also aim to show the Filipino cosplayers’ talent and skills. Aside from the WCS PH Qualifiers, there are other categories and activities. There will be Walk-in cosplay, Jpop singing contest, drawing contest, card games and many more.

And, of course, the presence of international cosplayers during the event will be one of the highlights of Japan Cultural Expo. Our international guests Reika and Cheru will, once again, be joining us. Reika is the ranked number one(1) in cosplayer in the world, while Cheru is the Official Vocaloid cosplayer. They will be performing on stage and do workshops for their fellow cosplayers. There will also be a Cosplay Meet and Greet that will give attendees, fans and other cosplayers to meet the international cosplayers as well as Philippine cosplayers who made their name in the international sphere of cosplaying. The guest cosplayers include the World Cosplay Summit 2015 Philippine Representative- SJ and Ping-ping.

In order to deepen and celebrate the month of friendship of Japan and Philippines in bringing the essence of Japan traditional and Pop culture; and to share the fun in doing cosplay and the opportunity to express themselves while in costume, the event and organizers welcome the participants, fans, hobbyists, con-goers and audiences. Join us on July 1-2, 2016. Admission is free!

By Yana Dahon and Marcel Madera

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